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Why Ten Sharks?*

And what cool photography!

I take photos of what it feels like, not what it looks like.


I'm not just a photographer – I'm a passionate visual storyteller who thrives across various genres, consistently delivering captivating imagery. My lens has painted vibrant narratives for a diverse array of clients, spanning from dynamic mining companies to exquisite caterers and bustling retail ventures; gyms and sports clubs to bands and the theatre.


Why 'Ten Sharks*' indeed, particularly because there is not one picture of a shark on this site?*


. Whatever your imagination allows you to imagine...

 Contact me, and I'll explain more.



Ken Sharpe

(*It kinda rhymes with Ten Sharks)

p.s. see how I managed to take a photo and not spill any champagne in my bio-picture? That takes years of experience. 

Contact Me

Perth (Western Australia)-based photographer


T- +61 (0) 429930845

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